United States of America

The US Law and Climate Atlas was developed by the Net Zero Lawyers Alliance in collaboration with the Centre for Climate Engagement at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge.

Contract Law and Climate Change

Contracts can play a pivotal role in addressing specific actions that can lead to the transition to net zero. More →

Environmental Law and Climate Change

Environmental law field remains one of the principal areas of the law in which climate change is confronted directly. More →

Human Rights and Climate Change

Over the last two decades, a global consensus has emerged that climate change impacts human rights. More →

International Trade Law and Climate Change

Trade law and policy has been central to the growth of global emissions and in effectuating a global green transition. More →

Public International Law and Climate Change

The international climate regime works in conjunction with public international law to address the direct and indirect impacts of climate change. More →

Securities Law and Climate Change

The convergence of climate change and financial regulations has implications for the financial sector and regulatory frameworks. More →

Supply Chain Considerations and Climate Change

The principles of a circular economy offer one solution to improve supply chain issues. More →

Tax Law and Climate Change

Government taxation can be utilized to both disincentive and encourage behavior that involves adaptation or mitigation measures. More →

Tort Law and Climate Change

Tort law, traditionally focused on personal injuries and property damage, is being redefined by the complexities of climate change. More →